No matter the beautiful stories you’ve heard about the Grand Canyon or the number of photos you’ve seen, getting to the rim’s edge at sunset will definitely take your breath away. No one takes a trip to the United States’ West Coast and fails to spend some time exploring the Grand Canyon. There are just no words to describe the enormousness of this wonder in the West Coast of America. The Grand Canyon receives millions of tourists every year which means you won’t be alone when you visit. So why should you plan to explore this magnificent and inarguably beautiful attraction in Arizona?

The View is Unbelievable

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona comprises of two sections namely the North Rim and the South Rim. The South Rim features more view points and allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the Canyon’s depth. The expansive view of the magnificent Grand Canyon is just unbelievable. The best way to enjoy the sweeping views is to take a short hike down the South Rim and experience it on a different scale. Don’t just focus on appreciating the big picture from this point but look for the small details that highlight the Canyon’s beauty.

The Grand Canyon is a Change of Scenery

If you’re from parts of the United States where you only get to see green plains extending for miles on end, visiting the impressive Grand Canyon will give you such a refreshing experience as you stare at incredible rock formations and red mountains. The timeless natural beauty and desert habitats this attraction offers is a draw to tourists from around the world. The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder that will bring you closer to the heart of nature.

Happy Trails

If you have to do a shorter hike at the Grand Canyon, consider the 3 miles roundtrip from Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge. You could extend to the Skeleton Point to cover six miles total. It’s important to note that hiking in the Canyon provides the most expansive views as well. Those looking for a more ambitious trek can hit the Bright Angel Trail and cover the 12.2 miles distance to the Plateau Point. Experienced hikers will find the 6 miles round trip from Grandview to Horseshe Mesa more exciting. The trails here allow you to see the impressive Canyon from different perspectives.

Historical Connections

Perhaps you should do some research about the Grand Canyon and learn it’s history. The Grand Canyon can be dated way back in history before 1200 BCE which means there’s so much to learn here. Visitors can learn some historical facts about the site and it’s connection to many American cultures.

Educational Opportunities The Grand Canyon National Park features educational programs which motivate students and the general public on how to preserve the site. Bring your family and get to experience the Grand Canyon as the many mysteries surrounding the site’s natural characteristic are unveiled. Kids can benefit from the junior ranger program as they get to learn in a fun way before participating in an exciting swearing ceremony. At the end of the program, they’re given a badge which makes them feel proud of themselves having learnt how to preserve nature. …